About PC Technology Professionals. We are a computer and networking support company located in Waco, Texas. We have served businesses since 1988.

Remote and Onsite Computer Support. We provide remote and onsite support for your workstations and servers at prices far below the competitions. We have a support and maintenance program that is designed to keep your business running smoothly. We can provide almost all of your I.T. needs from simple workstation maintenance to complete networking services.

Our Philosophy
  • In-house engineers.

    This is the number one criteria for choosing an IT support company. The company should have in-house engineers who will be able to provide hands-on support. Try not to hire a company that outsource the support issues to third parties. This will cause delays in support response time. And in most cases, the problems only get worse due to poor communication channels. Having in-house engineers will help prevent all those issues from arising.

  • Skills and experience.

    The IT support company that you hire should also have the necessary skills and experience in handling IT support issues. Ask for client testimonials, and if possible, ask to speak to some of the customers. If they are having a positive experience, that is a good sign. In addition, some IT support companies charge by man hours. That means an incompetent engineer could be costing you money if they are unable to solve problems quickly. Always check the qualifications of the engineers that are hired by the IT support company.

  • Response time.

    IT support is time sensitive. The longer the problems remain unresolved, the more it affects productivity across the organization. This is especially true for mission critical services like email. If your email servers are down, your IT support company should be able to respond within the time frame stipulated in the contract. For the same reason, it is also better for the IT support company to be situated close to your offices. Some IT support companies have mobile IT support staff situated in different locations. They serve specific geographical areas, and should be able to respond promptly within the stipulated time frame. Ask if such mobile staff are available if the IT support company is situated in a far away location. Finally, never make a hiring decision based on price alone. Some IT support firms may quote you more because they have highly qualified engineers who are in demand. Competent IT support staff are rare, and may therefore cost more to keep around.